Discover the unlimited potential of your creativity and share it with the world!

See how it works by watching video or learn more about features.

What is Weby.io?

With Weby.io, there is no limit to what you can do with the content - create & mesh pictures, videos, maps and social media widgets to create new and exciting visual presentations.

You can create unlimited number of pages (called Webies) and share them with your audience. Just drag and drop different media onto blank canvas!

What can you create with Weby.io?

Weby.io is a fun and new way of mixing different content together. Use it to create:

  • Presentations
  • Education materials
  • Fan pages
  • Visual CV
  • Photo galleries
  • Company pages
  • Portfolio pages
  • Travel guides
  • How to guides
  • Bookmarks
  • Video collections
  • Visual blog posts
  • ...and whatever you can imagine :)

Which tools are supported by Weby.io?

  • Text

    Write a paragraf of text

  • Link

    Insert any kind of link to your favorite site

  • Google Map

    Show the location on map

  • Instagram

    Embed Instagram photos

  • Pinterest

    Place Pinterest pins inside your Weby

  • Facebook

    Embed posts, photos, fan pages

  • Image

    Just copy and paste the link to image and it's there

  • Google+

    Embed any Google+ post

  • Video

    Add YouTube or Vimeo videos directly into your Weby

  • Google Drive

    Add any Google Drive file

  • Sound Cloud

    Everything sounds better with a few songs

  • Twitter

    Embed your tweets or from your favorite people

  • Shape

    Embed custom shapes to make your Weby look nice

  • Flickr

    Place Flickr photos into your Weby

  • Slideshare

    Add presentations with a few clicks

  • Sky Drive

    As with Google Drive, add any SkyDrive file

  • Vine

    Place Vine flicks and add some fun to your Weby

Go ahead and create your first Weby. It's free and you can create unlimited number of Webies!